Theatre & Opera - 07.04.2024 - 20.05.2024


Theatre with the number 13

Autor: Milan Gather, © Jan Merkle

Theatre & Opera

Football needs fans. But football also needs money. The Young Theatre would like to explore this scenario on stage together with up-and-coming author and football fan Milan Gather: a club threatened with relegation urgently needs a miracle. This is exactly what a talented youngster with the number 13 on his back provides, shooting the team out of the bottom of the table. The fans adore their number 13, everything is perfect. But then a transfer offer appears that could change everything: The young star could soon be playing for the big boys and the club could really use the money. But how can things go on without the 13?

Young footballers, fans and young theatre experts will get into conversation: What is most important to us about our favourite sport? What should the football culture of the future look like? And what does it need? The results of this research will then be shown on stage for people aged ten and over.


Theatre & Orchestra Heidelberg

07.04.2024 - 20.05.2024

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