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Discover Europe with football and film

Literature & Film

On Screen will be showing selected European football short films in 24 cities across Germany from the end of February 2024 in collaboration with local cinemas. This curated series of feature films, documentaries and animated films will be accompanied by discussion panels with prominent guests who have helped shape football in Europe in their own individual way. The films and the respective guests reflect the diversity of Europe with all its fascination, but also its challenges.

The films, which are very different in terms of language, content and form, are intended to inspire and arouse curiosity about hitherto lesser-known footballing and social facets of Europe. Together, the celebrity dialogue guest and local guests will comment on the short films and discuss them with the audience. On the on-screen journey to 24 cities across Germany, the audience will also be invited to rediscover cinemas in their neighbourhood and experience how lively football and film culture is. Local film festivals and football clubs based in the respective cities will support the project in its realisation.

Abensberg - Berlin - Bielefeld - Braunschweig - Bremen - Bundesweit - Burg auf Fehmarn - Chemnitz - Cottbus - Emden - Enkenbach-Alsenborn - Halle - Hamburg - Kiel - Mönchengladbach - Neustrelitz - Nürnberg - Oberhausen - Potsdam - Saarbrücken - Stuttgart - Weingarten - Wiesbaden - Jena

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01.03.2024 - 14.07.2024

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