Theatre & Opera - 17.04.2024 - 19.05.2024


Cultural exchange meets fair play

Theatre & Opera

Munich gets the ImproEM! 18 teams from all over Europe will meet and duel for the audience's favour in improvised theatre. Training sessions in public spaces, friendly matches and competitions spread across the entire city. Munich becomes a playing field for improvised art. Cultural exchange meets fair play. Diversity is combined with innovation. The audience sets the themes and decides who goes through to the next round. 54 professionals compete in three preliminary rounds and a final week in Munich. Which nation will win the final and lift the trophy? The aim is to promote diversity and increase tolerance towards all fellow human beings in order to celebrate a festival that is as diverse as it is inclusive. All of this happens across generations and nations. People from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds are involved.


City of Munich

17.04.2024 - 19.05.2024

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