Theatre & Opera - 24.05.2024 - 14.07.2024


A multinational fan spectacle

© David Young

Theatre & Opera

The square in front of the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus theatre becomes the official Fan Village. To mark the occasion, a large open-air show with actors and international fans brings together the best of theatre and football: strong characters, great emotions, surprising twists and turns. The production "Faith, Love, Football" transforms legendary European Championship scenes into an imaginary football match and creates a stadium atmosphere with real fan chants and choreography. During UEFA EURO 2024, public viewings, theatre performances and a varied supporting programme will alternate on the square in front of the Schauspielhaus. The open-air theatre will celebrate its premiere on 24 May 2024, while the supporting programme will kick off at the start of the tournament on 14 June 2024: in addition to concerts and video shows, tournament fans, football fans and die-hard theatre fans will come together at the big citizens' dinner to explore the unifying power of sport and art. Games and fun tournaments invite people to join in and a big football slam asks poetry and philosophy activists what's on their minds when it comes to UEFA EURO 2024. The world premiere of "Spielverderber" by Veronika Maurer and the youth congress "Future (t)here" at the Junges Schauspiel theatre will focus on the fun of the game and the critical side of sporting events.


Düsseldorf Theatre

24.05.2024 - 14.07.2024

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