Music & Dance - 07.06.2024 - 14.07.2024


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Music & Dance

On the occasion of the UEFA EURO 2024, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) is focussing on the aesthetic and socio-political levels of the world's most popular sport as part of the "Ballet of the Masses" project. As a multidisciplinary institution that houses visual arts practices, performative arts, sound and music practices, literature and oral practices as well as scientific and cultural discourse formats, HKW would like to open its doors to football as a practice and concept at the interface of and with various formats in everyday life. The project "Ballett der Massen - Vom Fußball und der Katharsis, der Kultur, der Wirtschaft, der Gesundheit, der Geschichte und der Politik" aims to explore these paths and make them tangible in an artistic-performative way as part of workshops, readings, screenings and performances events in summer 2024.


House of World Cultures (HKW)

07.06.2024 - 14.07.2024

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