Music & Dance - 18.09.2024 - 21.09.2024


Music & Dance

The project is intended to represent an artistic approach between the dramaturgy of a football match and the creative process of a musical composition. To this end, a live concert and a football match will be directly linked. An open-air stage is planned in the immediate vicinity of the Millerntor stadium. The football match serves as a template for a musical connection (a game) between electronic and classical music. The electronic artist Matthew Herbert will create the basis for a composition for two ensembles, the first in band format, the second in orchestral format, which will be performed as a live concert at the same time as a football match. For this purpose, a stage with an audience area will be set up in the immediate vicinity of the football stadium. A conductor will be the only person involved and will watch the football match taking place at the same time on a monitor. The two ensembles each take on the role of one of the opposing football teams and are guided by the conductor in the same way as the football match. When the ball is passed between the teams in the stadium, the music on stage changes between the band and the ensemble.


Reeperbahnfestival/ FC St. Pauli e.V.

18.09.2024 - 21.09.2024

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