Stadium of dreams - 10.05.2024 - 13.07.2024

Stadium of dreams


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Stadium of dreams

Together with its project partners, Stiftung Fußball & Kultur Euro 2024 gGmbH has created a visible location for football-related artistic and cultural events in the public spaces of the host cities - the stadium of dreams.

In its visual presentation and specific location, each of them reflects the local characteristics and uniqueness of "its host city". Beyond the public viewing areas and commercial fan miles, this temporary city hotspot will invite fans and non-fans to the planned cancellation of the passive offside and the spontaneous dissolution of the four-man chain from spring 2024 onwards in order to celebrate a great festival of free football culture love together. In addition to the local cultural offerings, the Stadium of Dreams offers a participatory and integrative programme for a period of time until immediately before the continental championship of the football playing teams, which is designed to have an impact on the public and involves the local art and culture scenes of the respective host city, thus making the diversity of German football culture clearly visible, audible, always discussable and - directly and unfiltered - guaranteed to be tangible for everyone.

Follow our recommendation: get off the bench and into the stadium of your dreams!


Stadium of Dreams in and around the FatCat (former Gasteig, Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 Munich)

10.05.2024 - 13.07.2024

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