Theatre & Opera - 05.06.2023 - 16.06.2024


Theatre & Opera

Choral speaking and singing have been used in theatre since ancient times. The Greek chorus with speech and counter-speech is the forerunner of today's theatre performances by football fans in the stadium. Fan chants are a cultural form in their own right. Fan singing culture is thus subject to the same laws that are known from other living "oral traditions" (such as storytelling). Fan chants are the central component of every football fan culture par excellence. The Consol Theatre would like to address various football clubs from Gelsenkirchen and the surrounding area and bring them together to form a choir. Because singing is not only done in the big stadiums. The phenomenon can also be observed in amateur football. The fans of small clubs have their own repertoire of songs in addition to the classics. Singing together brings people together. Away from the divisive idea of one's own team, towards a communal choir.


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05.06.2023 - 16.06.2024

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